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About the Journal

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E-ISSN : 1728-6514 
P-ISSN: 1728-6506
Publisher: Yasuj University of Medical Sciences 
Frequency: 6 Issues per year
Director in Chief: P.Yazdanpanah, MD 
Editor in Chief: S.A. Mehrabi, MD 
Assistant Editor: A.Moshfe, PhD 
Statistical Consultant: SA. Mousavizadeh MD-Ph.D, M. Fararoui PhD, HR. Ghaffarian Shirazi MSc, K. Karimzadeh Shirazi PhD. J.M Malekzadeh PhD 
Text Editors: A. Jabbarnezhad, M.A. Mansourian, S. A. Khosravani, A. A. Ebrahimimehr
Secretarial Affaires: S. M. Mohammadian 
Expert in charge of the magazine: R. Mohammad Hosseini  
Editorial Office: Armaghane Danesh Journal Next to Imam Sajjad Hospital, Yasuj University of Medical Sciences Yasuj, Iran 
Tel:+98 74 33233706 
Fax:+98 74 33233706 
Web Site: 
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